A Visit to Oslo

From February 1st to March 15th, I (Steffen) visited one of our international partner groups, ConceptLab in Oslo.

During this period, I gave two talks: one about Conceptual Engineering and the distinction between Ideal and Non-Ideal Theory (with my co-author Francesca Bunkenborg, HU-Berlin), the other about the role of concepts in Conceptual Engineering. I am grateful to the audiences of these talks for their invaluable feedback, and especially to Francesca Bunkenborg, who came all the way from Berlin just so we could give this talk together.

Apart from this, I spent a productive time working on my current research project about the metasemantic foundations of Conceptual Engineering. This project has profited a lot from discussions with Herman Cappelen, Mirela Fuš, Sigurd Jorem, David Liebesmann, Joey Pollock and Joost Vecht. I thank these and other people for the interesting discussions during my stay at Oslo.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the generous research grant I received from ConceptLab – thank you, and thanks for hosting me!

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