Upcoming Workshop July 2022!

Conceptual Engineering and Its Place in Philosophical Methodology

Date: July 4 (Monday) to July 6 (Wednesday)

Location: Schloss Reisensburg, Günzburg

We will host a livestream on Zoom that non-speakers can use to participate.

Monday, July 4th
Time (CEST)SpeakerTitle
14.00 – 14.10Opening
14.10 – 15.25Sally HaslangerAmelioration as Course Correction
Coffee Break
15.40 – 16.55Guido LöhrCommitment engineering, predictive processing and the ethics of conceptual disruption
Coffee Break
17.10 – 18.25Matthew CullBetween Semantics and Metaphysics
Tuesday, July 5th
10.00 – 11.15Steffen Koch &
Jakob Ohlhorst
On the possibility of heavy-duty conceptual engineering
Coffee break
11.30 – 12.45Herman CappelenConceptual engineering as first philosophy
14.00 – 15.15Allison Koslowtba
Coffee break
15.30 – 16.45Daniel JamesFruitful Concepts for Social-Scientific Inquiry:
An Erotetic Account
Coffee break
17.00 – 18.15Manuel Gustavo IsaacThe Hallmark Problem for Conceptual Engineering
Wednesday, July 6th
10.00 – 11.15Edouard MacheryShould We Really Engineer Confused, Unclear, or Otherwise Deficient Concepts? The Case of Scientific Concepts
Coffee break
11.30 – 12.45Jared RiggsPessimism about Philosophy as Conceptual Engineering
14.00 – 15.15Amie ThomassonRedirecting metaphysics

More updates to be announced soon!